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Posted by MistyEntertainment - November 17th, 2017

Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well. I've been coming off of my third round of heavy chemotherapy. There are nine rounds of heavy chemo overall. Things haven't been going very smoothly, but I feel like things are slowly getting better. Here's a video chronicling my 3-day stay at the hospital for my heavy chemo treatment.

I've been hoping to get back to making videos and songs like I used to, and I think I'm easing back into that a bit. I'm thinking about making more videos about the songwriting process, but I haven't organized my thoughts and ideas for that yet. My second album is still in the works and definitely won't see a 2017 release like I hoped. I already released a good amount of material, and I don't have enough tracks to make a fresh second album. I've decided to take time to write more songs for it.

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Comments (12)

Can't imagine how much this sucks. As I've heard from creative people with cancer, they always say how drained they are and how frustrating it is to not be able to get back into production. I'd go insane. It seems like it aint stopping you though! Nothin but the best wishes! Can't wait to hear the new album!

absolutely, man. cancer is draining, like an everyday struggle you have to endure. thanks for the support man! i'll try to keep on rolling

Oh wow! I am sorry you are dealing with this. But I am happy you are still creating things. I wish you the best! Please keep updating us!

thanks for the support! i will keep the updates going

I hope things will go much smoother from now on.
If you need anything from me, musicwise, videowise, or just in general, I'd be more than glad to help!

really appreciate you offering that man! thanks for the support

I hope everything turns out well for you MistyEntertainment. :( Cannot wait to see more content from you again someday.

thanks for the support! i'd also like to be able to make more content soon

Hey I hope everything is going alright and i Can't imagine how getting 9 rounds of Chemotherapy would feel... hope for the best man...

things are rough, but i've grown used to it. thanks for the support!

Keep hanging in there, you will be okay and get better. Happy early Thanksgiving and holidays Christopher. I'll try to see much of your content soon as possible. The song you just wrote and sang was also great.

happy late thanksgiving to you! thank you for your support, i'm very appreciative

Don't stop believing, super trooper. Tell your home school teach to bring a few cheerleaders along next time, he comes over.... Chemo then McDonalds?! Yuck double shits I'm sure

WTF, never had a countdown to being skewered... did have the dr. tell me how much my shot cost after getting it, both are extreme buzzkills, do nothing to enhance calm ._.

Pace yerself space cowboy, stay uber clean next week. Did you get a nutritional consult before leaving the hospital?. Also, ask your folks to look into UV-B lighting for your HVAC system, does a sweet job of debugging the air. I'd go with Randy Rhodes to jam with, if I could play the guitar, also possibly ask him about getting hit by a plane, maybe? "I Am Ozzy" is a sweet read, even if you don't like old metal. Best wishes to you and yours!!1

yeah i myself am a bit surprised i was able to stomach mcdonald's after chemo! surprisingly the mcnuggets are part of a small group of foods that don't make me wanna punch the wall after getting chemo.

i dunno, i kinda see the appeal to the countdown. i hear breathing in helps, but the countdown didnt do me any favors this time!

we met with a dietitian. i still struggle getting the calories in. it's the daily struggle. randy rhodes is a good choice! i'd pay to see that jam

I hope you get better dude

thanks for the support! me too

Oh holy hell man, peeing blood! Sounds pretty scary. O_o Good to hear you made it through this one treatment alright, and hope the path towards betterment is all downhill from here on out! Curious about the mouthpiece btw, is that maybe to shield you from other viruses, when the immune system's pretty much all gone...? Also good to see you're still making stuff no matter what.

Would be great if you could add me to that Subscriptions tagline.

It's definitely to shield me, because the chemo lowers my immune system. And yeah! Thanks.

Hope recovery is going well. You're a smart man with a great family, I'm sure things are being kept up with, sucks I can only wish you and yours the best of everything, barely adequate considering lol

Thank you. Recovery was rough for the first 10 days after chemo, but I'm doing considerably better now. Just struggling with gaining weight and making calorie count, that's all.

wow, I cannot imagine what you are going through, but even how harsh the treatment may be, you still look good, and all the strength and positivity you display is admirable. Congrats on completing 1/3 of your treatments. you're young, and you will be through this before you know it.

oh, just checked your twitter, and see that we live in the same state. I know UA has a great medical program...My alma mater is ASU though, lol. silly college rivalries aside, I send you my warmest regards from Tempe-town.

Thanks! I'm at the halfway point of my treatment. It should end in July. Really appreciate the support <3