2017-12-17 02:02:43 by MistyEntertainment

I will be briefly bringing back my series "Flash Library" which was basically a bunch of flash collabs! Here's your chance to get in on Flash Library Christmas!


Theme: Christmas
720x405 or 1280x720
24 fps
Anything goes, but keep it to a T (13+) rating at most 

I must have all entries in by 12/25 3pm EDT! You can submit your entry by PMing me or linking me.


My dog Meili in my backyard.

Health update: The first 10 days of chemo were pretty awful, but now that I've passed that stage, I've been doing considerably better. I've also been doing alright with my songwriting ambitions. Thanks for everyone who's supported me, I really appreciate it!

Subscriptions: @ADR3-N, @BlueAlpha14, @Zornuzkull, @JK-FlipFlop, @TheNGVirus, @BraydogNG, @VicariousE, @Cyberdevil

If you want me to add you to the Subscriptions tagline to be notified of my next news post, please let me know.


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2017-12-17 03:04:28

Keep the song in your heart going strong man, looking forward to hearing many more good thing from ya! Happy holidays to you and yours!

MistyEntertainment responds:

thank you!!! happy holidays my man


2017-12-18 00:20:02

Your dog is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen

MistyEntertainment responds:

<3 I love her


2017-12-18 00:20:26

Also, I love you man, and I hope you're doing well. Prayers

MistyEntertainment responds:

thank you!!! love ya too, appreciate the prayers always


2018-01-13 07:31:27

Bookmarked this for potential collaborationing, but that time, it just keeps going...

Good to hear you passed the worst stage though; hope it's all uphill from here on out! I mean that as in: a steady climb to a better place. All the best.