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Cancer sucks, man

Posted by MistyEntertainment - March 8th, 2018

Hey everyone! This will be my first post since the New Year, so I'll fill you in on what's happened.


Since January 1st, I've had 2 more rounds of "heavy" chemotherapy. It's been rough.

Being away from everything for a long time has made me feel pretty disconnected from everything. It feels crazy, man. Weight is around the same as it was last post, and it's been my biggest struggle to maintain. Each month I'm worried about where I'll be next month. I think day to day, though I still can't seem to help thinking about the future in a negative way. As bad as things are, I'm really grateful that they aren't worse. But they have to get better, and it feels like it's only getting harder.

Though I also wanna go over some of the creative projects I've been working on in the past 2 months.


I participated in February Album Writing Month this year, where the goal is to write 14 songs in February. I was able to meet the count, and 3 of them were collaborations with @artistunknown. If you're interested in hearing any of it, here's the link: http://fawm.org/fawmers/stickyfingers/ Just don't expect too much out of what are essentially song sketches.

I've been meaning to make another video discussing the struggles of chemo and all but at this point, it's exhausting to talk about and way more exhausting to experience.

I've been sort of disillusioned with my music, in the sense that I don't like how it's mixed and mastered and I honestly don't know what to do to fix it, since I'm on a tight budget. It's really difficult gaining any sort of traction with my music and it's a bit discouraging.

To end on a positive note, at least my treatment will end in July. Until then, it's a struggle.

Gonna be better at replying to comments this time.

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Comments (8)

You damn well better hang in there or I'm gonna kick your ass, friend. <3

hanging in there man, too much to live for

Cancer sure is a pain in the ass. Best wishes to you and I hope things get better.

On another note, I'm interested to hear more of your tunes. Perhaps a good way to get your mind off the negative situation your experiencing is to continue creating what you like.

Once again, best wishes.

thank you! it's always been helpful to have creative projects

go use the cancer drill


Didn't know you had cancer. I really hope you pull through, man! Kick cancer's ass!

Thanks man!

Good to see you're still staying creative even these harshest times man! So much emotion in that music too, some short and unpolished but definitely worth listening to. So much variation as well. Also looks like the community over there is pretty active! Gonna have to join in on that one of these years...

About the mixing and mastering, that's the one thing I think a lot about too. I'm still very much an amateur there, but it feels like the more you learn the less you know if you're doing things right or not, so many filters, so many different ways to go about optimizing the vocals, and cleaning up the sound, and balancing the volume... reverb too, sometimes it feels just perfect, but later on it's clearly too much, or too little, always too unpolished. Practice better make perfect with that. Your audio overall is both soft and clear though, I'm wondering if the only limitation might be a higher quality microphone.

Anyway stay strong; keep fighting the good fight! Good to hear there's still a gleam of hope in the distance, even if it's at a real low point now!

Absolutely. The mixing and mastering stage is always tough but I'll make it. I think hope and optimism are definitely things I need more of.

I can't wait until July, when we get to see you post about how much better you feel. Keep pushing forward. You've got this.

thanks for the support, I can't wait either

So are you at the hospital, or are commuting for treatment? Do what you can each day, and don't run out of things to do.

Commuting for treatment for each dose of chemo. Definitely gotta keep myself busy in these times.

Wishing you well; get better.

Thank you!