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Posted by MistyEntertainment - August 18th, 2018

Hey everyone! Since most of my posts are promoting my own content (which tends to be off-site since I do less art and animation these days), I wanted to talk about some cool stuff I've found here.

"Autopilot" by @SleepDeprivedChicken is a hilarious short about the horror (and absurdity) of self-driving cars. Really nice cartoonish style to this one.

"OTB - Skeleton Crew" by @RadioTubeClock was also a nice watch. It's nice to see that it's still going since it started in 2010. I'm always impressed by the level of intricacy RadioTube puts into the designs and backgrounds.

"me rn" by @artistunknown originally submitted to a collab I hosted called "Flash Library: Sleep." Unfortunately, that got taken down because of copyrighted music, and I didn't bother to re-instate it with different audio. He re-uploaded his part - check it out!

And lastly, a gem that went underlooked 4 months ago - "Why Would You Take My Wallet" by @wermusam. It's great.

As for a health update: I'm becoming less nauseous and more tolerant of food now that it's been a month and a half since my last chemo. My taste buds don't really seem like they're back to normal yet. I'm hoping that's not permanent and I can still go back to enjoying food as much as I did before this whole thing happened.


I did another video analyzing the growth and success of a YouTuber. The last analysis was one of my best-performing videos ever, so I figured I'd do another in that vein. For those who do watch this: how was my line delivery?

Subscriptions: @ADR3-N, @BlueAlpha14, @Zornuzkull, @JK-FlipFlop, @TheNGVirus, @braydogthegreat, @VicariousE, @Cyberdevil, @Pecheneg, @HeadMistressSeven, @DanielTheManiel

If you want me to add you to the Subscriptions tagline to be notified of my next news post, please let me know.


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It's great to see a new post from you! I have had friends and family who did chemo and radiation and lost taste for awhile too. It came back for all of them, most of them it took around 6 months.
Hopefully much sooner for you!

What the h*ck chris now I have to respond since you mentioned me!!!

Hey nice initiate! :D Watched 2/4 of those so far. Will watch the other two soon. As for the video I do like those random beautiful glimpses of landscapes at the end there... and a thought-out/not too long analysis too. Well-formulated.

Aw man, how the hell did I go almost a month without responding to this? Gotta get better at that.

Thank you! Stock footage is always great for filling in the gaps. How are you doing man?

Also hey @artistunknown !

Hi @Cyberdevil !!!!!!!

Heeey @artistunknown !!! :D

@Cyberdevil I don't know how to continue this joke in an original fashion, you win!!! (also hi)

@artistunknown Well if you had I'm not sure I would've, so that's good. XD I guess I'll see you around! Later on! Hello for now!

@Cyberdevil Yeah, maybe we can have a good in-depth conversation when I'm not super busy ;3


@MistyEntertainment How dare you test me

@artistunknown For sure. :)

@MistyEntertainment it's working!

Thank you for the shoutout! I really appreciate it.

Didn't realize you'd missed that one - though it might not have merited a response. :) I'm good though! Thanks. Summer's over; I'm officially back now. :) You doing alright? Any new videos/plans/melodies on route?

Yeah! I've been directing a lot of attention towards YouTube lately. It's been real cool to see the growth. I guess the YouTube algorithm decided to recommend my video to a lot of people. Really got lucky there.

I've been finding myself getting back into a spiral of negativity, so I'm trying to help that by giving myself tons of productive things to do. One of the things that's been hard for me is the constant barrage of headaches. The earliest I can see a doctor about it is December 24, so that's still a long time from now. Best case scenario, they might go away on their own.

How was your summer? Any cool experiences?

Ah that's cool to hear. :) A barrage of headaches, man, hope that's not what it could be... just too much stress maybe?

Well it's not so much adventure the last few years, mostly just planting, harvesting, plowing, painting, paddling, promenading about a bit in the summer sun; such things. :) Gets you in a good state of mind though; ready for whatever ventures winter's bound to come with!

I took a trip to Lithuania last weekend though so that was pretty cool. They have crazy cheap tea over there. 20-30 cents per box. Probably not the best quality but just had to pack the bag a bit with those... it was a pretty cool country. Really pompous old buildings, great nature, great food, a huuuuuge cathedral, images don't do it justice: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vilnius_Cathedral#/media/File:Vilnius_Cathedral_Facade.jpg

Hope to take a couple more short trips like this in winter. :) It's a good time for travel.

It doesn't seem stress-related - the good news is I was able to secure an earlier appointment though.

That's a really beautiful looking cathedral! I'd imagine these trips are very refreshing on a mental level. It's always helpful to change around the scenery. I myself am planning on going on a short one pretty soon here. Staying in a cabin in the mountains, y'know? Pretty cool stuff.

Ah, well good luck. Really hope it's nothing serious.

It was indeed. :) And for sure. Getting out of your comfort zone is all great too, and lots of walking/exploring, all good on so many planes. Hey that sounds pretty cool! :D Far up enough for snow?

Not quite! We ended up having to cut the trip short. One of the family members was getting sick, and there just wasn't all that much to do in a cabin in the mountains with no service, y'know? I am still grateful for the experience though. In a way it showed me how attached I've become to the Internet, and it's kind of forced me to evaluate the long-term implications of something like that. I dunno man, I guess legitimately going off the grid would probably be a lot easier with more friends/family. And I've still got some physical limitations that prevent me from doing what I wanna do to the full extent. It's a bit surreal to think just how much everything's changed in the past few decades technologically. It's practically impossible for me to imagine what the world would've been like before all these advancements.

With no service hmm... that's pretty much how we spend the entire summer. XD It does take a week or two to really get over the urge to constantly check in and be connected though. I feel the same way every year, and once you're over that: so free! But indeed it'd be difficult to live like that all the time... or alone. I remember reading an article about this one guy who decided to go live out in the wild entirely, eat food from hunter's traps; just live off what the Earth provided without taking part in the not-so-very-sustainable society we live in. He'd been researching for years so knew exactly how to go about surviving in the woods. Problem was: his girlfriend wasn't really prepared to take the step with him. XD If there were groups of people that dedicated though... anyway, it'd be fun if we could strike a balance somehow. Humanity as a whole. Get back to our roots a bit but still not abandon the new age either. Just keep it sustainable, and not get trapped in technology either. Yeah technology's marched in almost too fast IMO - we haven't really mastered the art of living it without it taking over. But I have dreams of what it'd be like without it. :) Or being able to unplug at any time. If Internet went back to being wired, and we'd connect when we were at home, and then as soon as you get out of the house you're back in the real world. No constantly looking at your phone. Nobody else looking at theirs. Everybody interacting as they should do. Impossible dreams hmm... reminded me of this old thing btw: https://youtu.be/Z7dLU6fk9QY

That's a bummer about the sickness btw, and those physical limitations, of course. Notice any positive changes after that though? Feeling a bit more movable? Or maybe it was just too short to really make a noticeable difference?

Yeah I'd imagine that's something that definitely takes getting adjusted to. It's such a big shift from what most are used to.

I'm at least feeling a bit physically stronger as a result of the daily exercise I've been doing. There still isn't that noticeable of a difference though.

How have you been?

For sure. :) I do like being different so there's another incentive...

Well all change is good change - small steps! Glad to hear it.

As for me I managed to catch a stomach bug last weekend, but getting back to normal now. Booked in a couple trips to Spain and Estonia next year so that's something to look forward to. :) Overall just: steady grind. Time flies too fast this time of year. How bout you? News? New videos? Were you anywhere near that big fire btw?

ahh glad to hear you're getting back to normal. and it always helps to have something to look forward to! that's an important part of it.

so it was recently brought to my attention that there's a lot of tumblr artists migrating over here to NG. i thought that was kind of interesting, i never would've imagined there would be any overlap considering how different the 'culture' on both sites is. i'm not sure how this will affect NG's reputation in the long run though.

thankfully i wasnt anywhere near the fires. pretty glad about that.

as for new content - i've been pretty prolific in that field! here's one i'm particularly proud of, about mob mentality, and more specifically, twitter mobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVGhARr9oA0

For sure, without goals... it's just no game.

Oh yeah, it's been pretty intense. :) The art portal's overflowing (mostly NSFW stuff though, be warned), as is the news section, and the regular portal's been given some new life too... it's pretty cool. I had a free day yesterday and just spent pretty much the entire day trying to review and comment everything that came through, but no way I could keep up... so fun though. Feels like they're inspiring a lot of other users too. Lot of old users coming back along with the new. I think our cultures aren't so different after all, and a lot of users have had both NG and Tumblr, yet moved more to the latter since it was easier to use for their purposes... it's more like a stream than a showcase after all. Pros and cons. Long-run reputation though: indeed, that'll be interesting to see. I like to think that accepting all forms of content/artists is a show of open mind more than anything else, and artists = open-minded people so... hopefully all positive. I'm sure some people won't see it that way though.

Ah that's good to hear.

Hmm interesting! Good topic for promotion too. :) I'll have a look soon as I'm back home.

Yeah, hopefully it doesn't have any negative ramifications for NG. My memory's a bit fuzzy but wasn't Tom struggling with a similar reputation issue back in the early days of Newgrounds due to all the porn? Maybe I'm remembering wrong but I could've sworn I remember Tom dealing with NG's reputation issues due to the notoriety the more adult content got.

What would you say is your favorite part of interacting with the NG community?

Yeah NG's reputation definitely been impacted by those days! Was actually a bit surprising seeing Tom be so welcoming of this new influx considering it might bring back that same old stigma, but then again it seems like no matter what NG does it's impossible to get rid of, and it's still a large drive in traffic so... maybe he's embracing it? There's been talk about having a separate domain with adult content specifically, as to really distance NG from that bit, but it's such an ingrained part of the culture/userbase I assume that might be difficult to do. It might fraction the community a bit. I think in regard to earlier struggles, the things that have hit NG the hardest though are more controversial submissions, school shooting games for example, which led to NG losing access to the Google Ad network for example. Which eventually led to starting a Supporter-based system rather than rely on ads. Which seems to be working pretty well at the moment so... maybe it's all working out after all. :) It's good to see a lot of users who arrive now realize there's more to this place than just the porn though. Maybe, ironically, the new influx of NSFW artists will show everyone that this place was really pretty SFW before...

Hmmm well I love just talking to people, learning about them and their convictions, broadening my perspectives a bit. That and a sense of validation in people appreciating the content or feedback I put out. :) It's a bit of that which you speak of in that Twitter video... though I like to think I'm still walking my own path; not using validation in a negative way. Rather spread positivity than than that new age rage, feeling like your comments don't affect you behind the shield that is the Internet. If more people were open about who they are and what they stand for maybe we could really go around that problem entirely... honesty's the truth. Good video btw. These more research-oriented ones could be your thing too. :) Sound effects and all, it gives a serious impression.

And hey, how about you, in regard to part interaction favorism?

Ah yeah. I remember the mixed opinions when Tom decided to take down the Sandy Hook game. Although some people saw it as a betrayal of NG's original values, I can honestly understand where Tom's coming from. NG doesn't need more bad publicity. And I agree, that is kind of ironic to think about, how the recent influx of NSFW shows how SFW Newgrounds was. For a while it seemed like the site was getting less edgy, which is neither a good or bad thing IMO.

I think my favorite part of interacting on NG is being able to see all of the great new stuff that would otherwise get lost in the void. There's still a lot of talented animators who submit their stuff here, but wouldn't stand on a chance on a place like YouTube where the algorithm decides what the viewers see.

Spreading positivity - yeah you're a pretty positive dude! I try to apply some of that same energy to my own life but it's not that easy.

I recently managed to grow my YouTube presence to about 8K subs. I'm pretty happy about it since I met my goal of 4K before the end of the year, but I'm starting to question the content that got me there. The main videos that blew the channel up were controversial critique videos of other people's content, aka commentary videos.

Depending on who you ask, this commentary genre is either: a) parasitic and leeching, b) petty drama/gossip, or c) no different than critiquing other media, like movies or music. I tend to lean more towards C, but can't help but second-guess the actual value of creating this type of content. Either way, at least I've got a bigger audience if I ever did want to branch out to something else. To be fair, I think with this type of content, there are a lot of videos that can cross the line into toxicity, though I always try to be fair and reasonably respectful in my coverage. But I think the mixed feedback is just something that comes with criticizing anything.

Btw forgot a major part below, not so much in interaction with people but in regard to pretty much all interactions on this site: inspiration! Both conversations and content forms really fuel my creative drive too. It feels like that side of the site really keeps me alive even in darker times.

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