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Posted by MistyEntertainment - August 18th, 2018

Hey everyone! Since most of my posts are promoting my own content (which tends to be off-site since I do less art and animation these days), I wanted to talk about some cool stuff I've found here.

"Autopilot" by @SleepDeprivedChicken is a hilarious short about the horror (and absurdity) of self-driving cars. Really nice cartoonish style to this one.

"OTB - Skeleton Crew" by @RadioTubeClock was also a nice watch. It's nice to see that it's still going since it started in 2010. I'm always impressed by the level of intricacy RadioTube puts into the designs and backgrounds.

"me rn" by @artistunknown originally submitted to a collab I hosted called "Flash Library: Sleep." Unfortunately, that got taken down because of copyrighted music, and I didn't bother to re-instate it with different audio. He re-uploaded his part - check it out!

And lastly, a gem that went underlooked 4 months ago - "Why Would You Take My Wallet" by @wermusam. It's great.

As for a health update: I'm becoming less nauseous and more tolerant of food now that it's been a month and a half since my last chemo. My taste buds don't really seem like they're back to normal yet. I'm hoping that's not permanent and I can still go back to enjoying food as much as I did before this whole thing happened.


I did another video analyzing the growth and success of a YouTuber. The last analysis was one of my best-performing videos ever, so I figured I'd do another in that vein. For those who do watch this: how was my line delivery?

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If you want me to add you to the Subscriptions tagline to be notified of my next news post, please let me know.


Comments (12)

It's great to see a new post from you! I have had friends and family who did chemo and radiation and lost taste for awhile too. It came back for all of them, most of them it took around 6 months.
Hopefully much sooner for you!

What the h*ck chris now I have to respond since you mentioned me!!!

Hey nice initiate! :D Watched 2/4 of those so far. Will watch the other two soon. As for the video I do like those random beautiful glimpses of landscapes at the end there... and a thought-out/not too long analysis too. Well-formulated.

Aw man, how the hell did I go almost a month without responding to this? Gotta get better at that.

Thank you! Stock footage is always great for filling in the gaps. How are you doing man?

Also hey @artistunknown !

Hi @Cyberdevil !!!!!!!

Heeey @artistunknown !!! :D

@Cyberdevil I don't know how to continue this joke in an original fashion, you win!!! (also hi)

@artistunknown Well if you had I'm not sure I would've, so that's good. XD I guess I'll see you around! Later on! Hello for now!

@Cyberdevil Yeah, maybe we can have a good in-depth conversation when I'm not super busy ;3


@MistyEntertainment How dare you test me

@artistunknown For sure. :)

@MistyEntertainment it's working!

Thank you for the shoutout! I really appreciate it.