2017-08-11 23:09:57 by MistyEntertainment

Hey guys! It's been a while. I get hospitalized on August 15, Clock Day, for some intense chemo treatments. But before I have to go back to the hospital, I released a new song:

Or if you wanna listen to it here on Newgrounds:


Love ya guys, wish I could contribute more to this community but since my passions have shifted from art and animation to music, I figured the best I could do in that regard is to just keep posting here. How are you doing?

Subscriptions: @EDM364, @BlueAlpha14, @Zornuzkull, @JK-FlipFlop

If you want me to add you to the Subscriptions tagline to be notified of my next news post, please let me know.


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2017-08-12 02:50:22

best of luck man, just remember to keep your head up and you will get through this. also nice song, it's got a cool soft, summer feel. and good job with the solo- did you write that out or was it improvised? what guitar(s) do you use?


2017-08-12 09:07:17

Be strong, my man!
I'd love to be on the subscription list too!


2017-08-12 12:00:44

Be sure to properly hit that chemo bong


2017-08-12 19:43:47

good luck man, stay strong, and keep your spirits high!

also, have a nice day, and get well soon!


2017-08-12 19:44:17

also thats a really nice song. bravo!

MistyEntertainment responds:

thank you so much man!


2017-08-13 16:27:09

Keep your brain strong and you will get stronger


2017-08-14 00:52:42

Hey Chris, love you man. Keep up your spirits. Also, changed my username from EDM364. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing your posts!